Nilesh Oak

Illuminating Indian civilization's wisdom through books, speeches, and scientific analysis, influencing global understanding and media.

Nilesh Nilkanth Oak is an author, original researcher, TEDx speaker, UAA-ICT Distinguished Alumnus, and sought after keynote speaker. He holds BS and MS in Chemical Engineering and Executive MBA.

He has published 3 revolutionary books: 1. When did the Mahabharata War Happen, 2. The Historic Rama, 3. Bhishma Nirvana. His books have been and are being translated into various other languages. He travels extensively around the world speaking to university and college students and to mainstream audiences. His work has inspired novels, novelettes, documentaries and movies.

Nilesh helps individuals become aware of the deep wisdom and antiquity of Indian civilization so that they truly comprehend, present, or defend the grand narrative of this civilization unlike most other Indic researchers because he builds it through scientific acumen and logical reasoning.

He is a researcher and adjunct faculty at Institute of Advanced Sciences, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA.

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