Nilesh Oak's groundbreaking research has significantly altered our understanding of Bharatiya antiquity, presenting compelling evidence that pushes the timeline of Indian civilization much further back than previously believed. Oak's meticulous analysis of astronomical data, ancient texts, and archaeological findings challenge conventional historical timelines, suggesting a civilization that is much older and technically advanced.

This revelation not only highlights the sophistication of ancient Bharatiya knowledge systems but also calls for a reevaluation of historical narratives, emphasizing the need to integrate scientific methodologies in the study of ancient cultures.

The cornerstone of Oak's research lies in the rigorous examination of celestial events described in ancient texts, such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. By employing modern astronomical software to backtrack the positions of stars and planets to their historical configurations, Oak has pinpointed dates for these events that stretch back thousands of years before the traditionally accepted timelines. This approach not only validates the historical authenticity of these texts but also provides a stunning insight into the advanced astronomical knowledge possessed by ancient Bharatiyas. The implications of this finding are profound, suggesting a civilization that was deeply attuned to the cosmos and capable of sophisticated astronomical observations.

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