Nilesh Oak

Bhishma Nirvana

Oak's analysis of 300+ Mahabharata astronomical observations dates the war to 5561 BCE, debunking claims post-4508 BCE with critical evidence.

The book ‘When did the Mahabharata war Happen?: The Mystery of Arundhati’ decisively falsified all claims for the Mahabharata war that claimed the year of the Mahabharata war after 4508 BCE. Objective testing of the astronomy evidence (215+), internal to the Mahabharata text, led to 5561 BCE as the year of the Mahabharata war. Arundhati-Vasistha (AV) observation was decisive in falsification of 96%+ of the existing claims for the year of the Mahabharata war.

Many Indic researchers, lacking scientific acumen, comprehension, and logical reasoning skills, thought, incorrectly, that AV observation was the only observation that led to the falsification of all claims that fell after 4508 BCE. Naturally, they made illogical, dogmatic, evasive, digressive attacks on the validity of the inference due to AV observation. Their attempts to discredit AV observation backfired and rather led to further strengthening of AV observation and its importance for the validity of 5561 BCE as the year of the Mahabharata war. In their dogmatic zeal, these researchers even questioned the Mahabharata evidence itself that asserted the duration of Bhishma on the bed of arrows for more than 92 days.

What these researchers did not realize is that the very details of Bhishma Nirvana provide evidence that not only corroborates inference of AV observation but also strengthens 5561 BCE as the year of the Mahabharata war.

In this book, Nilesh Oak employs 300+ specific astronomy and associated observations from the Mahabharata text and tested them with the scientific acumen and logical reasoning to arrive at 5561 BCE as the year of the Mahabharata war. The book describes evidence that asserts the impossibility of the Mahabharata war anytime after 4700 BCE (Bhishma Nirvana + Lunar calendar evidence), or 5125 BCE (sensitivity analysis). The evidence presented in this book decisively falsifies all alternate claims for the year of the Mahabharata War.

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